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Snowblower Week Part 5!

To finish off snowblower week I would like to tell you the difference between buying from a small shop compared to Big Box. I personally have a work history with a large box store that sold snowblower, we were trained that a "set up" on a snowblower included flipping the handles up and attaching a few cables. The customer also had the option of just taking the box home and doing it themselves to avoid this "set-up fee". Here we flip the handles up, attach the cables, set tire pressure, adjust skid shoes, lubricate cables and gearing. every single piece...

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Snowblower Week Part 4!

People often ask us about what they can do to avoid major repairs on their snowblowers. One of the most common issues we see here are people who break a shear bolt and replace it with a regular bolt. Shear bolts or shear pins are meant to break, they are a part that is designed that way. The number one cause of shear bolts breaking is newspaper! Newspapers get thrown at the end of a driveway then the plow goes by and covered the paper in snow. The paper absorbs any melting snow and then freezes like a rock, then...

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Snowblower Week Part 3!

Toro Power Max and Power Max HD machines all come with Toro's pantented Anti Clogging System (ACS). The ACS redirects any excess snow back onto the auger so your chute doesnt get packed with snow. This allows you to clear larger ammounts of snow in a shorter time without slowing down or stopping to allow excess snow to leave the chute.

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Snowblower Week Part 2!

Dual Stage Snowblowers are the focus for day 2! Dual stage snowblowers are the more common type of blowers seen around. As opposed to the single piece auger/impeller of the single stage blowers this machine (as the name implies) has a separate auger and impeller. the auger chews up snow and the impeller throws the snow out  the chute. These machines are made to larger sizes and are much more powerful then their single stage counterparts. All dual stage blowers are driven by their tires allowing the auger to be used for shredding snow. Most unit have 6 forward speeds...

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Snowblower Week!

Its snowblower week here at Nepean Kanata Air Cooled Engines! To start this week we will start with the different types of blowers today will highlight single stage blowers! Single stage snowblowers are generally smaller in size and power. They are offered in both electric and gas models. Single stage snowblowers have one piece auger and impeller which is designed to cut and throw the snow. This rubberised impeller is also used to pull the snowblower along the ground, but because of this drive system these blowers preform the best on paved driveways or walkways. Because in the Ottawa Valley...

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