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Snowblower Week Part 4!

People often ask us about what they can do to avoid major repairs on their snowblowers. One of the most common issues we see here are people who break a shear bolt and replace it with a regular bolt. Shear bolts or shear pins are meant to break, they are a part that is designed that way. The number one cause of shear bolts breaking is newspaper! Newspapers get thrown at the end of a driveway then the plow goes by and covered the paper in snow. The paper absorbs any melting snow and then freezes like a rock, then when you get out and decide its time to clean the lane way it will get thrown into the auger, jams the auger and snaps a shear bolt. When a shear bolt is broken only half of your auger spins because the drive rod that your auger spins by is no longer attached to the auger. Now your probably thinking whats the "worst that could happen if i put a regular bolt in there?" The worst that could happen is your auger gear box gets destroyed(on average a $150-200 part)  and you wreck an auger(average $100-200), and possibly damage the auger housing(average $200) these prices are just the parts, they dont inlude any labour. Suddenly a $2 bolt seems a heck of a lot smarter

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