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Snowblower Week Part 5!

To finish off snowblower week I would like to tell you the difference between buying from a small shop compared to Big Box. I personally have a work history with a large box store that sold snowblower, we were trained that a "set up" on a snowblower included flipping the handles up and attaching a few cables. The customer also had the option of just taking the box home and doing it themselves to avoid this "set-up fee". Here we flip the handles up, attach the cables, set tire pressure, adjust skid shoes, lubricate cables and gearing. every single piece of equipment that leaves the shop has been run by technicians to make sure it is running properly. this whole thing takes us about an hour to do and there is no fee for this. this is the difference buying from an independent shop. We all take pride in the product we sell and I think that this is just one more thing that sets apart the difference from these large corperations

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