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Ferris Zero Turns

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IS700Z IS2100Z IS2600Z IS3200Z
Smaller deck sizes make the 600 series much easier to maneuver in tighter spaces. This series features both fabricated and Ferris Patented iCD Decks. 5.5 gallon gas tank  A step up in power & size to the IS600 series. All the models in and above the IS700Z series have Ferris Patented iCD Decks. 5.5 gallon gas tank Featuring cast iron spindles, and a higher quality seat making operation much smoother. Higher quality Hydrostatic pumps make turning much smoother. 11 Gallon dual Gas Tank Built with Yanmar Diesel engine 11 Gallon dual Gas Tank  Larger Units featuring Vanguard big block & Kawasaki engines. Luxury line seating makes bumps almost non existant for the operator. 11 gallan dual gas tank.